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The mango pulp processing line creates natural mango pulp from fresh mangos. The concentrated pulp retains a brix of 28 to 30% and is packed into 220L asetic bags or A10 tin cans.

Equipment List
Model Equipment name QTY
JD-EV Fresh mango receiving tank/Elevator 1
JD-WS Washing machine 1
JD-SR Sorting machine 1
JD-CR De-stoner 1
JD-ST Storage tank 1
JD-SCP Pump 1
JD-PH Pre-heater 1
JD-PP Pulping machine 1
JD-ST Storage tank 1
JD-VEORTOR Vacuum evaporator 1
JD-TS Tube-in-Tube sterilizer 1
JD-ASPTCF Aseptic filler 1
Model Input Fresh mango per day 24 hours Final Brix
1 60t/day 28-30%
2 90-120t/day
3 240t/day
4 360t/day
5 500t/day
6 600t/day
7 800t/day
8 1000t/day

1. Fresh mango 2. receiving
3. Washing and sort
4. De-stoner
5. Pre-heating
6. Pulper and finisher
7. 2 effect Evaporator
8. Tubular sterilizer
9. Aseptic filler

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