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The sachet packing machine can be utilized for vacuum packaging. This form of packaging has partially made obsolete previous usages of additives and preservatives in the food preservation process. Air is vacuumed out of food bags, preventing oxidation and food deterioration. Aerobic microbial are effectively eliminated, enabling long-term preservation. Foods retain their authentic flavors and do not cause harm when ingested.

Our fully automated packing machine facilitates functions such as printing, vacuuming, sealing, bag making, bag conveying, and measurement filling. A major upgrade from manual processing, the contraption reduces labor intensity while improving product quality.
The sachet packing machine is ideal for processing materials that are fluid, pasty, granular, or powdery. Depending on the materials type, different feeding methods may be applied. Common methods of feeding include screw feeding, colloid pump feeding, multi-head scale feeding, and measuring-cup feeding.

Technical Specifications
Maximum Package Dimensions 150mm (W)×160mm(H)
Minimum Package Dimensions 80mm (W)×100mm(H)
Maximum Filing Volume 200ml
Maximum Packing Speed 3000b/h
Power 13.2kw
Air Consumption 0.5m3 /min
Net weight 1250kg
Dimensions 4950mm (L)×1300mm(W)×2800mm(H)
Filing Weighing Deviation ≤±2g (100g )

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