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Lab Spray Dryer
JIADI laboratory equipment provides small scale spray drying and is commonly utilized for the development of new products. Our lab spray dryer is designed for usage within hospitals, universities, research institutes, and development centers. The device features rapid drying with low liquid temperatures, ensuring product quality. Processed materials exhibit excellent fluidity and dissipation properties. We provide user friendly laboratory equipment designed for the simplification of the production cycle.

Technical Specifications
Model MDRP-5
Water evaporating capacity, kg/h 5
Solid content, % 10-60
Material feeding, kg/h 0.56-7.5
Air inlet temp., ℃ 180~200
Products outlet temp., ℃ 80~95
Power, kw 13.5
Heating method Electricity
Dimension, mm 1560×1210×2230

We are a professional laboratory equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a broad range of products, including cassava starch drying machine, normal pressure hot filling machine 3-in-1 unit, vibration fluidized bed, milk receiving tank, and much more.

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