Cashew Processing Equipment

The cashew processing equipment from Jiadi Machinery is state-of-the-art. Our professional technicians can provide onsite installation and testing. We also offer quality inspection and training for new operators. The complete set of cashew processing equipment includes functions such as sorting, humidification, steam cooking, cashew shelling, cashew drying, cashew peeling, cashew nut sorting, and vacuum packing.

1. Roasting
2. Steam cooker
3. raw cashews
4. shelling
5. cashew sheller
6. cashews after shelling
7. drying
8. dryer
9. cooling
10. humidifiers
11. peeling
12. cashews after peeling
13. grading
14. grading
15. packing
16. tin
17. tin filling
18. vita packing

Jiadi is a China-based cashew processing equipment manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as canned cucumber processing line, tomato paste production line, cassava processing equipment, and beer brewing equipment for beer bar.

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