Tomato Paste Re-Packing Line

Raw materials for the tomato paste production line are typically contained within 220L drums and consist of tomato paste with a brix range that varies between 36 to 38%. The end product may have its brix adjusted according to client-side specifications and can fall between the ranges of 28 to 30% , 24 to 26%, 22 to 24%, 18 to 20%, or other lower brix values. The tomato paste production line is available with capacities of 1t/h, 2t/h, 3t/h, 4t/h, 5t/h, 6t/h, etc. Processed paste can be stored in cans, sachets, glass jars, or stand-up pouches.


1. Tomato Paste in Aseptic bag (as raw material)
2. Unloading pump
3. Ingredients mixing
4. Vacuum Mixing
5. Hot water system
6. RO Water treatment system
7. Sterilizing system
8. Filling and packing
9. Post sterilization
10. Drying
11. Carton packing

As a specialized tomato paste re-packing line manufacturer and supplier in China, Jiadi also offers fruit juice concentrate production line, beer brewing equipment for beer bar, canned beans processing line, cashew processing equipment, and more.

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