Tomato Paste Production Line

The tomato paste production line is equipped with a multi-functional grinding machine. It is capable of producing pastes from raw materials such as chili, apple, onion, carrot, strawberry, and blackberry, among other fruits and vegetables. The grinding machine features a high efficiency concentration process that operates at low temperatures. The effective evaporation temperature is below 70℃. This process significantly reduces the time spent within the evaporation machine and allows for the better preservation of nutrients and color pigmentations. In comparison with analogous models found on foreign and domestic markets, our equipment is superior in this aspect.

Model Equipment name QTY
JD-EV Fresh tomato receiving tank/Elevator 1
JD-WS Washing machine 1
JD-SR Sorting machine 1
JD-CR Crusher 1
JD- ST Storage tank 1
JD-SCP Pump 1
JD-PH Pre-heater 1
JD-PP Pulping machine 1
JD-ST Storage tank 1
JD-VEORTOR Vacuum evaporator 1
JD-TS Tube-in-Tube sterilizer 1
JD-ASPTCF Aseptic filler 1
Model Input Fresh tomato per day 24 hours Final Brix
1 60t/day 28-30% 30-32% 36-38%
2 90-120t/day
3 240t/day
4 360t/day
5 500t/day
6 600t/day
7 800t/day
8 1000t/day
9 1500t/day
10 2000t/day

1. The tomato paste production line has an energy consumption that is 400KWH/h lower than the nearest competitor.
2. The evaporation machine is designed with a secondary steam-condensation recovery system that greatly reduces steam consumption.
3. The sterilization machine features a unique structural design for internal material mixing. This design allows for a shorter cleaning time and prevents dirt buildup. On the current market, all other similar types of equipment will accumulate dirt over time, interfering with the heat changing process and lowering the overall quality of products.
4. The filling machine utilizes the turn-plate elevation method, avoiding unnecessary contamination exposure.
5. The dual-channel pulping machine implements a conical filtering screen. The screen spacing can be adjusted via a loaded mechanism. The device is capable of frequency speed calibration, producing fine yields.

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